Central Java

. 21 October 2008
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Central Java is located exactly in the center of Java Island. It borders with West Java Province in the western part, while in the eastern part borders with East Java Province. On the part of the southern side lies also the province of Yogyakarta Special Region.

The low land plains are found alongside the northern beaches. The high land plains are found in the Center of Central Java with mountains stretching lengthwise from the west to the east with a line of mountains, such as Slamet Mount (3,428 m), Perahu Mount (2,585 m), Sindoro Mount (3,135 m) Sumbing Mount (3,321 m), Merapi Mount (3,142 m), Ungaran Mount ( 2,050 m) and near the border with East Java Province is Mount Lawu (3,265 m) , while on the northern side there is Muria Mount (1,602 m).

At the feet of these mountains will find a pleasant and cool highland plains with beautiful panoramas such as Baturaden, the Dieng Plateau, Bandungan, Kopeng, Tawangmangu, Colo, etc. apart from these mountains there are some small mountains and lime mountains.

The Biggest Rivers found in the Central Java are Serayu River, with its source from the Dieng Plateau and the “Bengawan Solo” River.

Headed by a governor as a high rank, Central Java consist of 35 regencies and municipalities.
Regency headed by Bupati (Regent) and municipalities by Walikota (Mayor).
Regencies and municipalities divided into sub-district headed by Camat and sub-district divided into villages headed by Lurah or Kepala Desa.

Average temperature is 21o - 32o C with rainy season on October to April and dry season on April to October.

The Freedom of embrace religion is fully guaranteed by government. Islam is a greatest number among the five recognized religions (Moslem, Protestant, Catholic, Buddha and Hindu).

Java language with various dialect is the daily language used by most of Central Java people but Bahasa Indonesia as mother tongue.

The people of Central Java will welcome all of you with hospitable and friendly.
The population is 30.7 million in 2002 or about 896 persons per square kilometer with living as farmer, trader, official government. Besides original tribe, some foreign tribe stay here such as Arabic, Chinese, Indian and Pakistani. “Kebaya” is representing traditional clothes wearied by woman.

Article from : www.somemap.com